People Management

An efficient management of employees improves productivity and maximizes results, driving the success of the organization.

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Training and Career Development

Organize and manage training processes effortlessly. Accelerate the growth of your employees within the company.

Create personalized learning paths based on the employee's area.

Automate the issuance of diplomas and certificates for completed courses.

Generate comprehensive reports from the administration panel.

Add quizzes to ensure proper content understanding. Include evaluations and feedback forms.

Include videos, images, texts, assessments, and surveys.

Users can resume courses where they left off for an authentic asynchronous learning experience.

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Support your employees in their first days by showcasing the organization’s culture, purpose, and objectives. Demonstrate their role and how they can add value to your company.

Design communication flows with notifications for each step of the onboarding process.

Automate the induction process for new employees and track their progress.

Set the different steps to follow and what tasks are left to complete.

Internal Job Postings and Referral Program

Publish internal job openings for your employees to apply to other positions and/or departments inside your company.

Fill your open positions faster by hiring in the best way possible: With recommendations from your own employees.

Promote motivation and commitment. Avoid new hiring costs and time.

Increase retention by allowing employees to choose which area they want to work in.

Internal Job Postings - People Management
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Employee Development and Performance

Manage performance evaluations, track goals, and provide continuous feedback to your employees.

Configure different forms. 360°, ascending, descending, and peer evaluation.

Promote a culture of continuous feedback and improvements.

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Take your staff's productivity to the next level