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Strengthen the culture of your organization with our Human Resources software.

Company culture - digital Calendar
Company culture - Birthdays and work Anniversaries


Recognize team members based on your company’s cultural values. 🎉

Employees whose good work is regularly recognized by their bosses are 5X more likely to stay with their companies.

Replacing a single employee can cost 3 to 9 months of their salary in hiring, training, and lost productivity.

The recognition flow can be horizontal, vertical, or circular (everyone can participate).

Create a shared vision and mission. Give voice, recognition, and involvement to employees.

Allow recognitions to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards or benefits.

Build relationships to retain the best talent. Reduce turnover.

Company culture - recognitions
Company Culture softawre - Kudos change points

Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

Consolidate the organization-employee relationship by congratulating employees on their birthdays and work anniversaries.

View the birthdays of all employees in the company.

Build deep relationships with your employees to make them want to stay.

Track work anniversaries (length of service within the company).

Enhance the employee experience within your organization.

Company culture - Birthdays and work Anniversaries
Company culture - Marketplace 1
Company culture - Marketplace 2


Facilitate the trading of items among your employees within a safe and reliable environment.

Encourage employees to exchange second-hand items.

Set up different categories for buying and selling specific products.

Calendars and Events

Share important dates or company events on a calendar.

Create a calendar for all your employees to stay informed about important dates in your company.​

Integrate this calendar with Google Calendar or Calendly.​

Company culture - digital Calendar
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