Human-centered digital technology

Our mission is to empower people at work to make them happier and more successful.

Happier because people build more relationships at work, feel like they're part of the team, get recognized, and find out about the good things happening.

Successful because all processes are more agile, fast, accessible, and user-friendly.

Our vision is to be the fastest growing HR platform by providing every company with a digital community.

Our Values

Our values describe how we think and do things, how leaders lead, and how we keep the customer at the center of our decisions.

  • We make things happen, fast.
  • We are Doers. We create progress over time.
  • We execute things quickly. The greatest value is created by completing pending tasks quickly. If you do this successfully, you will find that you will increasingly be doing things of greater impact.
  • We grow by building together, for that reason, don’t block anyone’s work, if someone expects a task from you, do it as soon as possible.
  • Have a Bias for Action. Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk-taking.
  • Act promptly and efficiently in response to challenges or opportunities.
  • The clock’s ticking. Better done TODAY. The market is not waiting for us.
  • Quick decisions, quicker actions. The pace sets the winners.
  • Strive for the highest standards of quality and performance in all aspects of work.
  • Embrace the “never enough” mindset; strive for continuous improvement, believing it can always be better.
  • Excellence is crucial to delivering products that exceed customer expectations, building a strong reputation, and sustaining long-term success.
  • We produce excellent work. We won’t tolerate mediocrity. We won’t tolerate a poor job. We commit to excellence. We aim for world-class.
  • We raise the performance bar with everything we do, especially when doing hires and promotions.
  • We recognize exceptional talent, and willingly help them grow personally and professionally.
  • We insist on the highest standards, many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. We are continually raising the bar and drive teams to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes.
  • We ensure that defects do not get sent down to customers and that problems are fixed in a way that they stay fixed.
  • Assume responsibility for your tasks with dedication and accountability.
  • Own your actions, own your outcomes.
  • Embrace your role, shape your future. Ownership is the foundation of empowerment.
  • When you commit to something, you take full ownership and deliver it beautifully.
  • We never say “that’s not my job”.
  • Think BIG, thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • We create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results.
  • Keep a strong desire to achieve high goals and attain significant accomplishments, beyond the ordinary.
  • Visionary dreams, grounded actions.
  • Seek to improve things all the time, if you see something to improve, take the initiative and improve it. If you are not in charge, propose the improvement.
  • Take initiative and find solutions to overcome challenges rather than waiting for instructions.
  • Lead with action. Opportunities follow the proactive.
  • A proactive “make it happen” attitude sets us apart, driving us to take charge and turn possibilities into realities.
  • Go above and beyond the minimum requirements, exceed expectations.
  • Demonstrate dedication and commitment to invest effort beyond what is strictly necessary.
  • You do your job exceptionally well. You go for the extra mile.
  • Be open minded. Be willing to change direction quickly based on new info.
  • Evolve constantly and always seek to improve things.
  • Push people to be better. We like to surround ourselves with people that push us to grow.
  • Seek feedback to be better.
  • We are never done learning, we have curiosity about new possibilities and act to explore them.
  • Be able to adapt quickly to market changes or internal challenges without losing momentum.
  • The rhythm of iteration fuels energy, momentum and innovation.
  • Be comfortable with chaos.
  • Kill it if you can’t make it work. Double down if it works.

  • Be goal and metrics oriented.
  • Make sure that everything you do is aligned to improve your main metric or objective.
  • Achievements speak louder than words. Let results define your impact.
  • Pursue impact, not just activity. Results differentiate the effective from the busy.
  • At Humand the best win, we don’t think that someone is good, we see it in metrics and results.
  • Everything is hard before it’s easy.
  • You are what you do, not what you say you will do. Work in silence, let your success be the noise.
  • A little progress each day adds up to big results. The secret of your future success is hidden in your daily progress.

  • Prioritize customer needs and focus on exceeding their expectations.
  • Work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.
  • We think differently and look around corners for ways to better serve customers in the long term.

  • Create more than you consume.
  • Be efficient with resources and avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  • Maintain lean operations.
  • Accomplish more with less.
  • Keep things very simple, if something is complex, it is probably not completely well thought out.
  • The world provides more resources to those who know how to utilize them efficiently, enabling a cycle of increased value creation.
  • There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size, or fixed expense.
  • Everyone is investing in you, make it worthwhile.

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