Internal Procedures

All Human Resources processes in one place.

Streamline internal procedures and operation speed with our HR Management Software.

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HR Management Software - Forms & Tasks

Paystubs, documents, and electronic signature

Share documents and paystubs massively with our HR Management Software so that each employee can view and even sign them anytime, anywhere.

Facilitate access to important documents such as paystubs.

Provide a secure channel for viewing important files.

Electronically sign documents, such as paystubs or contracts.

Save time and money by sending documents through our HR Software.

HR Management Software - My documents
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HR Management Software - Files


Create folders with important and useful documents for your employees, including all types of files such as videos, images, PDFs, Excel, Word, etc.

You can segment files so that only certain roles, groups, locations, etc. can access them.

People take less time to access important information, saving time and money.

Ideal for organizing and providing quick and secure access to important documents.

Forms and Workflows

Avoid dealing with messy handwriting, outdated forms, or waiting weeks for critical paperwork to arrive — every entry is sent instantly with real-time push notifications.

Create any form or survey you need in minutes with a simple and intuitive editor.

Create custom approval workflows for each procedure or request and keep track of them.

Say goodbye to pen and paper! reduce unnecessary physical forms, unnecessary communication, speed up processes, and drive operational excellence.

With digital forms, people have constant mobile access to all the forms they need.

Export all the information when necessary, ensuring that all responses are secure and always available.

HR Management Software - Forms & Tasks
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Collect information about teams, departments, or locations to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Create any form or survey in just a few minutes with a simple and intuitive editor.

Gather information from collaborators with advanced capabilities like image-capturing, location, detailed dropdown lists, voice recordings, file attachments, signatures, and much more.

Send surveys to your collaborators with push notifications to get their opinions, satisfaction levels, or important information.

Decide who can see the survey, whether it's by zone or work team.

Export information when you need it. All responses will be secure and always available.

Time off management

Take care of everything related to time off, from calendar integrations to automatic notifications, in a single secure system with an immediate resolution.

Receive an immediate alert when an employee submits a request.

Generate customizable and segmentable policies.

Set up various approval processes.

Keep track of who is out of the office.

HR Management Software - Time off Management
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Claims and inquiries

Reduce emails. Handle procedures, claims, and inquiries in minutes with customizable channels.

Create personalized inquiry channels to cover specific topics, generate automatic responses, and set up a "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

Access advanced metrics such as average employee response time, ticket status and quantity, satisfaction index, and detailed reports.

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