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Benefits of using our HR software

Improve internal communication

Connect your entire workforce in one place. Keep your employees updated on what's happening in the company.

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce emails, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and simplify HR management. Digital work environments move 10 times faster.

Engage your employees

Enhance relationships, commitment, and a sense of belonging among your employees. Reduce employee turnover.

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Strengthen corporate culture

Empower corporate culture by fostering collaboration, transparency, and the growth of your team.

Reach your desired audience

Use specific group segmentations such as departments or locations and use push notifications to reach the right people at the right time.

Build community

Reap the benefits of a more connected, engaged, and collaborative organization. Ideas can come from anywhere.

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Internal Communication

Company Culture

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Org. Chart


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Reduction in unnecessary emails and paperwork

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Reduction in IT costs

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Increase in employee engagement

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Faster decision-making

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Reduction in communication costs

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Increase in employee retention

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Increase in sense of belonging

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Feel more informed about what’s going on

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Reduction in training costs

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Reduction in the time taken to onboard new staff

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Reduction in the time taken for people to get updates

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Increase in productivity of the communication team

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Increase in productivity of the HR team

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Agree that Humand helps create more engaging communication

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Agree that Humand is easy to launch and deploy

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Agree that Humand helps their culture become stronger

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Create a digital community for your company.

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