Internal Communication

Centralize all internal communication within your company in a single app accessible from anywhere.

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Internal social network and Chat

Create a private digital community and reap the benefits of a more connected, engaged, and collaborative organization.

Establish fast and direct communication between employees through private chat.

Share all types of files (videos, images, links, PDFs, Excel, Word, etc.).

Communicate what matters. Distribute visual, rich, and engaging content.

Social feed - Internal communication software
Chat - Internal communication software

Configure who can post on the social feed. Choose who can see the content, either by zones or work teams.

Publish quick polls, or alerts for employees on the social feed. Interact through comments, GIFs, and reactions.

See opinions from everyone in real time thanks to reactions and comments.

Digital Magazine

Improve internal communication by dedicating an exclusive space to share news and formal announcements from your company.

Keep all your employees informed about what's happening in your organization.

Announce achievements or important events through a digital magazine.

Include all types of files (videos, images, PDFs, Excel, Word, etc.).

Write articles, news, or press releases to communicate updates.

Magazine - Internal communication software
Magazine 2 - Internal communication software
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Humand App de Recursos Humanos
Internal communication software - Agenda

Profile and Directory

Strengthen relationships among employees by finding people with similar interests and skills.

Easily make a phone call, send an email, or start a private chat, without the need to save contacts on your personal phone.

Discover people with similar interests and interact with them.

Create a directory so that everyone has access to the contact information of other employees in your company.

Involve people from different teams in idea generation, problem solving and innovation.

Intranet and Content

Highlight and display important content from your company.

Present any type of content, simple, and user-friendly.

Publish perks, internal job postings, or the company's values.

Intranet - Internal communication software
Intranet 2 - Internal communication software
Org Chart - Internal communication software

Org Chart

Display the structure of your organization and ensure it’s always up to date. Streamline communication by knowing who to reach out to in each circumstance.

Publish an organizational chart that graphically represents the internal structure of your company.

The organizational chart will be updated automatically when you add new employees.

Take your company's internal communication to the next level